Community Journalism Works

As I was carrying a box of groceries that we would eventually give to a family of five that live in a single-room-occupancy hotel, it hit me, community journalism works.

The food that we took to the family was donated by a reader after he read a story Mission Loc@l wrote about the family, that you can read here. The 80-year-old man was so compelled by the story that he contacted us to give the food to the families.

This SRO story is one that you would not see the Chronicle cover.

Before that I received an email from a civil rights activist who said my article did justice to the complicated process youth have to go through at Juvenile Hall.

Bellow is the response i received from Angela Chan, a juvenile justice attorney with the Asian Law Caucus.

“Excellent job Rigoberto! The referral process is very complicated, and it looks like you described it accurately. The team of civil rights attorneys I’m working with have been talking with Herrera about this problem of JPD officers asking youth and their parents directly about status. This article will help underscore the points we have been making to them.” -Angela Chan

However, there is still a great deal of work that needs to be done. Namely in the great deal of misinformation about undocumented immigrants. Just today Staff writer for the Chronicle, Jaxon Van Derbeken wrote a story about a day laborer who is being charged with murder and rape. The incident is isolated, but Van Derbeken and the editors at the Chronicle played up that the person was undocumented and a day laborer. This is unethical because it just fuels more fire against undocumented immigrants when the incident was isolated.

Jaxon walking the Mission with police officers. SFPD required he wear the vest, he said.


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