SF State in conspiracy lawsuit

A former graduate student, employee and resident at SF State filed a lawsuit that claims a conspiracy against him by the University.

Hassan Golchini filed the lawsuit in March of last year and complained against many University departments including University Police, employees and Stonestown apartments — now University Park North — and Will Flowers, the vice dean of student affairs and conduct administrator, court records show.

Golchini claims that he was wrongfully fired from his job at the library copy center, evicted from his apartment at University Park North and expelled from SF State.

His allegations are serious; however, I relied entirely on his opening complaints he filed with the court. He couldn’t be reached for comment and it is SF State policy not to comment on lawsuits.

If he is right then this is a scandal for SF State; if he is not, CSU is spending a lot of money defending themselves against one man.

SF State is also defending itself from another lawsuit filed by a student, the [X]press reports.

It looks to be an uphill battle for Golchini, who is representing himself against the CSU Board of Trustees’ lawyers. He has already had to amend his complaints against the University because of late filings.

Between 2005 through 2008, Golchini had filed some 30 police reports and had been accused of several crimes including threat of a crime, which has been dropped.

The whole thing started in 2005, the year he moved in, when he found “documents with his identity used at “UPN” … The date on some of the documents suggested that his identity was used since Dec. 2003.”

He “investigated the matters that lead [sic] him to uncovering of illegal activities in University. They included, corruption, identity theft used to fabricate lease, establish utilities, obtain credit cards, collecting employee benefits and other fraudulent activities,” court records show.

When he wanted to move to another unit, an employee wouldn’t let him, he claims. After he confronted University Park North, an employee and an officer ridiculed him.

Then his employer at the Library Copy center, James Cayaes, informed him about being suspended from work with pay “until further notice or upon completion of an investigation.”

It is unclear if it had anything to do with University Park North. He later claims that his house was burglarized in the first week of March 2006.

“He noticed that his computers, phone lines, and his files were tampered with and manipulated, his papers and notes torn or missing,” court documents show. He was then asked to leave his apartment, his opening complaints state.

He later met with Cayaes, who recommended that “[Golchini] apply for disability and it will be approved, with contingency, that [Goldchini] leaves the city,” according to Golchini’s opening complaints.

He was then arrested — it is unclear why — by the same officers who responded when his house was burglarized. He accepted the charges and called the system “fundamentally unfair.”

Meanwhile his suspension changed to without pay and his car, which had documents in the trunk, were towed and he was evicted, court records state.

When it came for his disability evaluation, Cayaes had a change of heart and Golchini complained. “Cayaes, in a loud, angry voice said, ‘A mouse is trying to play with a Lion’s tail, ‘and with racial slurs instructed [Golchini] to resign, or he was going to fire him and he never would be able to work in this country,” the opening complaints state. Golchini resigned.

Then Kirk Gaston of University Police put a complaint with Flowers and an administrative hold and financial aid hold was levied, court records show.

Golchini was subsequently expelled, he claims in the lawsuit.

When he went to Flower’s office “a student patron had just left [Flower’s] office, approached [Goldchini] and whispered that, ‘they are talking about you. They already fucked you.”

For his expulsion, he is asking $120,000 to repay the loans. It is unclear what other damanges he is claiming for his other complaints.


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  1. t

    Community slandering/smearing usually stated by “trusted community leaders” through police or law enforcement on some “fabricated suspicious activities”. This is usually a paid service through private parties and it is an extremely sophisticated organized criminals manipulating the general public to harass the victim until loses everything; friends, family and employment.
    I have a similar case here at City College of San Francisco, I am looking into law enforcement misconduct as the root of the problem.
    Methods used are tailored to the victim but will usually include these methods described on this website.

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