Going to Washington D.C.

Exciting journalism news.

I will be doing an embed with the San Francisco Organizing Project as they go on a seven day bus ride From San Francisco to Washington D.C. to demand comprehensive immigration reform.

Basically they are leaving next Wednesday and will be going to eight different cities do press conferences until we reach Washington D.C. where they will do a massive rally.

I will shoot video and photos, record audio and write a print story at the end of it and publish it at Mission Loc@l. Also I will be having talks about possibly doing audio for NPR’s Latino USA .

Sounds like an awesome opportunity right? You only live once.

The only catch is that I have to put in $100. Someone from the Mission Asset fund said she will pay for me, but I think it can be seen as a conflict of interest so I am going to try to get Mission Loc@l to pay for it, but even if they don’t I’ll pay for it myself.

Here I come Washington D.C.



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2 responses to “Going to Washington D.C.

  1. Congratulations! Sounds like it’ll be amazing. Good luck.

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