Santa Julia de Los Puentes

A colleague and I are working on a long term term project for Mission Loc@l and other Spanish language wires about transgender Latinas.

Last week at the TransLatina meeting, we were lucky enough to catch up with Julia Garcia, a prominent figure in the Los Angeles LGBT community.

She is a transgender Latina who has come to be known as “Santa Julia de los Puentes,” or the transgendered resurrection of Mother Teresa.

She received her unofficial tittle because she is known to go underneath bridges in Los Angeles to help people overcome substance abuse and homelessness, specifically fellow transgender women.

She also runs a program that sends HIV medication to people in Latin America. She also began a monastery in the first united methodist church in Los Angeles where she formally helps people.

In this short interview she explains why she came to San Francisco and why she decided to study theology.


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  1. Hi Rigo,
    Good job with the sub-titles. I’m not getting sound though.

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