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Video: Crossing Gender Lines

Every Saturday afternoon, a group of LGBT folks gather inside a small office space on Mission Street for the weekly meeting of the Translatina club. The club was formed as a safe place to discuss the issues facing transgender Latinas. Some of the topics discussed in the first weeks were pretty heavy, so members decided to mix it up by having some performances by group members.

Hazel, a self-described “gay boy who dresses as a girl,” volunteered to imitate songs by the Mexican-American Artist Marisela. Below is a photo of Marisela and a video of Hazel immersing himself in the role.


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I-Phone Photos

The other day in my Intro to Online class we had a guest speaker, Carlos Gonzales, one of the remaining staff photographers with the Chronicle. He said he has a friend who sold all his equipment and now only shoots with his iPhone. I instantly fell in love with that idea. Also, I was informed that the advisor from our sister publication, Oakland North made an amazing multimedia piece about the 54 bus in Oakland, which you can see here:

The Fifty Four from Richard Koci Hernandez on Vimeo.

So I decided to ditch my Canon EOS 40D for a bit and shoot only with my iPhone for everyday-life and on assignments. Here is what I got.

Kimberly Chua applying makeup.

Nicholas and Kimberly of Mission Loc@l

Gerardo and his son arriving at the Mission Council, a substance abuse center in the Mission.

Kenya and family on their way out of the Mission Council, a substance abuse center.

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